Sell Your Home And Save Thousands On The Commission

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Pay a lower commission-and keep more of your money! Most homeowners assume that everyone pays the same six percent on Realtor commissions

And with today's overheated housing market, it seems like most homes practically sell themselves

But for many homeowners, six percent is a fortune better spent on something else

But, in fact, some people pay much less and some people pay much more

He presents a detailed, precise explanation of how the commission system works, and proven strategies and tactics for keeping more of your equity

In a booming real estate market, it pays to consider the alternatives-and you'll find them all in this handy, helpful guide.

In this helpful, comprehensive guide, Robert Irwin teaches you everything you need to know to get a better deal

Is it really worth paying a Realtor tens of thousands of dollars to find a buyer for a home that's in high demand There are actually many ways to lower the commission you pay-all it takes is knowledge of the selling process and basic negotiating skills

You'll learn how to lower-and even eliminate-the commission by taking advantage of such little known options as Using a discount agent Negotiating for rebates or reduced rates Offering flat fees or cash bonuses Basing commissions on speed of sale and other factors Creating your own listing agreement Paying for services rendered rather than percentage Finding a buyer yourself and paying only for the closing Six percent doesn't sound like much